h3. Human kingdom.

The Delanoric Kingdom never truly accepted that the war was over. This kingdom, although its own borders do not extend to the border of the Orc Kingdom, voluntarily mans the border towns, forts and castles. Although dwarves may possess the most trained armies the Delanoric Kingdom possess the largest and most battle hardened. Julian Felric is the current King, the last Delanoric King, Tallian, died without an heir and Felric, once the General of the Delanoric Armies, assumed the crown for himself and has spent the better part of thirty years holding it by force, despite claims from the Trystan Kingdom that Joseph Greddle is the bastard of Tallian Delanoric, and Selena Trystan, a daughter of Ulfric Trystan, the king before Hulric Trystan, and final remaining heir to the Delanoric crown.


Citizens of Note


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