Hulric Trystan

Shining Light of Trystan


Hulric Trystan was the heir the Kingdom of Trystan had been longing for since their first King, Alderman Trystan united their people nearly Five Hundred years ago. He was a beacon of hope for all five kingdoms. Having already created astounding relationships with the Kings and Council of all the Kingdoms, save Delanoric. The time had come for the races of men to send their envoy to Middleton and meet the Orcs in open conversation and debate about their tenuous relationship. Unlike past years, the Kingdom of Trystan was representing the goodly folks with a showing not seen since the days of Alderman. Trystan rode at the head of his column of Honor Guard, a force that rivaled even the mighty Orcs. That would be the last time anyone saw Hulric alive. A corpse and his armor was found a day later, atop the bodies of his Honor Guard, in the smoldering ruins of Middleton, with Hulric’s head atop a pike on the last standing tower. With Hulric’s death the realm of men has once again fallen into darkness. Reminiscent of the Empire’s early years when Might made right, and no one stands mightier than the Military Kingdom of Delanoric.

During Session 1: Day 8 of Tragedy bred of treachery, the party discovers that Hulric’s death was but a ruse. This information came from the freed prisoner Justin Felwick. From what information can be pieced together it is believed that the abducted king is being held in Buldrek.

Hulric Trystan

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