Harren Fisk

A man that lost everything at the hands of orcs.


Harren hails from The Free Cities, though his story is full of sadness. His wife, two daughters, and two eldest sons were murdered by an orc raid many years ago. He then joined the military with his last remaining son but his squad was ambushed and his son murdered right before his very eyes. He was captured and used the femur of a former comrade, who had been cooked and eaten, he slaughtered his captors and escaped. He has lived in Bloodfist lands ever since killing orcs in an endless quest for revenge.

He saved Leo from being spotted or captured and helped the party defeat a host of human and orc that held prisoners from Middleton in a mine in Bloodfist Territory.

He fought with the party at the cave mouth against the Orc and Human host. He then left with the brothers, Thordic and Holdren Ironcast.

Between then, Oct 27, and Nov 11th he was taken prisoner while securing his dwarven companions’ escape. On Nov 11th he re-met the party in a prison cell in Buldrek where he aided them in escaping with the now free Hulric Trystan. The next day he began the journey to escort the Trystan king home again.

First Encountered: Oct 26 th, in A Time of Troubles saving Leo from being detected during his return from the cave mouth.
Last encountered: Nov 12 th, in A King’s Ransom, escorting a freed Hulric Trystan back to The Western Kingdoms.

Harren Fisk

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