The Sans Arcana

Tragedy bred of treachery

A grizzly beginning leads to earthshaking secrets

Oct 20 th, Cabin Fervor

The party meets Leonard Baloren, half a day’s travel from the hamlet of Melville. They are tasked with investigating the tragedy at Middleton. Their employer believes that the culprits are either the kingdom of Delanoric, trying to kick start the war they have always hungered for, or the bloodthirsty orcs of Clan Bloodfist. They are not to mention their affiliation with Trystan and will be compensated based on how much evidence they can provide or nobles they can return. The party is provided with lodgings and horses at the Sickle and Spade Inn, in Melville .
The party faces a rowdy and drunk group of thugs assuming to take advantage of the party’s perceived prosperity. The hooligans learn their lesson at great personal cost. The party spares Kevin and Kevin at the bequest of the innkeeper.

Treasure Gained: 3 gp each (Leo keeps track of his own)
Rations consumed: 0 days, thank you, Baloren!

Oct 21 st, Bearing down on Middleton

The party comes across 2 adorable bear cubs and their surly parents. Amidst the chaos of frightened steeds and raging ursine, the adventurers are left no choice but to slay the bears. In an act of mercy Keled and Gorbub euthanize the orphaned cubs.

Treasure Gained: 2 days rations each
Rations Consumed: 1 days

Oct 22 nd, Well this is Orcward

The party decides to ride passed Thistledown and continue towards Middleton. They make camp but are awoken from their sleep by a group of orcs. The orcs claim to be lost and seem truthful, the party sends them on their way back towards the border.

Treasure Gained: 0 gp
Rations Consumed: 1 days

Oct 23 rd, Orc in the Road to Middleton

The previous night’s mercy appears a poor decision as the party comes upon the dead body of what appears to be a traveling gnome performer. Following smoke the party charges into battle with the orc band they had let live, now feasting on a troupe of entertainers. The battle is a rout though Falco is given a scare when a mighty javelin toss heaves him from his saddle.

The adventures continue on to Middleton and arrive late in the evening to two Knight Captains arguing: Randall Hurk of Trystan and Zandar Thrornic of Delanoric. Choosing not to get involved the party organizes camp and Woulf begins his meticulous investigation. He follows drag marks to find a drawing made in one of the dead orc’s final moments.

Treasure Gained: 10 gp each
Rations Consumed: 1 Days

Oct 24 th – 25 th, Track and Fields

Following tracks off into Bloodfist lands, the party ponders why humanoids and orcs would be travelling together. Noticing that they have acquired a shadow the party lays a trap. Unfortunately their pursuer does not take the bait and after a frantic but brief search to find a missing Leo (who fell asleep in hiding), the party gets a late start to resting and even later start to the next day.

Treasure Gained: 0 gp
Rations Consumed: 2 days

Oct 26 th, When Luck needs a Shower

The party follows a path that veers away from the main path to find that they were not the only ones contracted by Trystan to investigate the Middleton Massacre. Their predecessors fared none to well but did provide the resident 6’7" knight with a pair of studded leather sleeping pajamas. There was also a marking on a tree quite similar to the one they found in Middleton of the ominous orc figure.

Continuing on they spot 2 sentries along a ridge line. One orc, one human in red. Leo scouts ahead, passed the sentries and a half mile to a cave mouth with 6 more enemies. Satisfied with his reconnaissance he narrowly avoids detection with the help of a smelly stranger.

The party elects to use surprise to their advantage and attack the sentries from range. They are noticed and are only able to drop the orc before the human takes off for the camp. Upon reaching the ridgeline they find the stranger has returned and dispatched the errant soldier. He beckons them to delay their folly and join him at his camp.
The man’s name is Harren. His story is full of grief and tragedy and his eyes often drift off into a distance unknown. He is not of completely sound mind but one thing is for sure, his hunger for murdering orcs. Even still he tries to dissuade the adventurers of their plans warning them of the death they invite. He leaves.

The adventurers, despite the warning, are unwilling to waste whatever advantage they have and set up the same trap they had failed to execute the previous night. This time it works. The orc and human host begin to investigate and attack. The battle is bloody and Keled, Gorbub, and Falco take hard hits while Woulf and Leo assassinate from range.

The tide of battle seemed to take a turn for the worst when a massive half-orc appeared from the caves. Fortunately, the new imposing combatant’s rage was met with equal fury from Harren who attacked while rebuking the adventurer’s foolhardy decision. The battle is concluded and the two dwarf prisoners unbound.

The brothers are well known councilors from the The Free Cities, Thordic and Holdren Ironcast. They inform the party that they were captured in Middleton. The attack consisted mostly of orcs grappling in through the windows, as Woulf had surmised, and that although they have seen Delanoric soldiers around that they were confused about their involvement as there were Delanoric soldiers who perished at Middleton as well. holdren.jpg The brothers were kept alive to help start mining operations here. This could explain Delanoric’s presence as the kingdom has so far been forced to trade with the Dwarven races as they have no source of mining within their own borders. There are more mining operations down south as far as they had heard. The inform the adventurers that there is a Trystan noble in the mine and that surely most of the enemy had been just defeated in that last skirmish.

The party descends into the mine shaft. Leo sneaks up with his darkvision and spots a soldier accosting a bound Trystan noble. The party charges in. With multiple people on the brink of death the enemy, discovered to be Samuel Foxworth, Knight of house Badgerborn of the Kingdom of Delanoric, is finally slain.

The prisoner with a sideways smile of defiance introduces himself as Justin Felwick. felwick.jpg He shares with the party a mind-blowing revelation; Hulrick is alive! He claims he heard his captors mention Buldrek, a town closer to Black Death Keep. Furthermore, and much to the citizens of The Free Cities, Delanoric agreed to vacate the border forts between the Bloodlands and The Free Cities in exchange for the rich mines in the western Bloodlands.

Stunned, the party rests before setting off on the arduous journey back

Treasure Gained: 55 gp each, Foxworth’s sigil ring. Keled gains plate armor and studded leather armor
Rations Consumed: 1 days

Oct 27 th – 29 th, The meaning of haste

Uneventful. The party rushes back to Middleton while Harren and the Ironcast brothers make haste back to The Free Cities.

Treasure Gained: 0 gp
Rations Consumed: 3 days

Oct 30 th, The more you know…

Upon arriving in Middleton there is a noticeable increase in the Delanoric presence. The party’s arrival does not make waves at first. Gorbub stands guard outside the Trystan tent while the others return the noble and gather the rewards. A rider is sent out with the fastest horse and tents are being quickly packed. The tension in the air grows. The freed noble thanks the party but urges them to leave before what happens next. Concerned for the retainers, instructed to hold up in Grosston, the party sets out. Behind them the see the battle begin with the slaughter of the outnumbered Trystans. The ride to Grosston, deeper into Delanoric territory, knowing that they are some of the very few that know the depth of the betrayals and the truth that Hulric lives as a prisoner of the Bloodfist.

Treasure Gained: 500 gp each
Rations Consumed: 0 days (yet)

Rewards Summary

Total Gold Gained: 568 gp each
Total Rations Consumed: 9 days.
Other Treasure: Riding Horse, +2 days Rations, Foxworth Sigil Ring, Trystan Contract from deceased party
Experience: 1020 xp



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