The Sans Arcana

A King's Ransom

Help comes from the strangest places

Oct 31 st – Nov 1 st Prelude

2 Days procuring supplies for travel including a carriage and other supplies.

These are mostly personal items, please note on you character, and check your encumbrance

Falco supplies rations for the group (minus any extra extravagances) whenever the land provides.

Nov 2 nd, Trail Mix

Travelling along the road we are alerted to some activity off the side of the refugee trail. Though the party was ready to repel an imminent assault it turned out to be two men that had slain some [Delanoric]] soldiers that had the mind to sexually assault a refugee of The Free Cities. The two men are revealed to be Allan Greene, a squire from The Free Cities, and Mikel Felrick, youngest son and disillusioned prince of Julian Felrick.

Nov 3 rd, Leo and his way with words

With the aid of Felrick, the party disguises their presence and approach a heavily occupied border-camp. Knowing their charade would fail a legitimate inspection, Leo steps forward and cleverly bluffs the group through on urgent business. Felrick stays behind believing he can be better used here rather than the Bloodlands.

Nov 4 th – 6 th, Travel

Nothing to see here; carry on.

Nov 6 th, Orc in the Road to Buldrek

After a couple of days of uninterrupted travel the party finally happens upon a patrol of orcs. Deciding that the orcs would respond better to a show of strength, Keled tries to intimidate the mob. Tries. A bloody battle ensues with the party narrowly avoiding any casualties.

Treasure Gained: 19.4 gp each

Nov 7 th – 8 th, Travel

Nothing to see here; carry on.

Nov 9 th, Going Gruumsh in the Night

It was a perfectly fine camp. Following 2 days of peaceful travel the weather was nice the mood was placid… Though unfortunately the late during the Night Watch a long line of lanterns encircled the camp. With overwhelming numbers the adventurers were looking at the long goodnight, when surprisingly a figure walked out of the woods with words rather than war.

grodar.jpgIn no uncertain terms Grodar explained the quid-pro-quo he expected of the party. He and his cult would provide assistance liberating Hulric Trystan and the party would then retrieve a special item for the cult. Explaining that the cult has agent’s spread all across Bloodfist’s armies and is fully capable of getting this done and without having a choice in the matter, the adventurers begrudgingly comply.

Nov 10 th, Travels with Orcs: Part 1

As the large caravan approaches Buldrek the orcs begin to shed their cult robes and don more traditional garb.

Rations Consumed: 1 days

Nov 11 th, Slave for You

The party is given slave clothing, twine to hide weapons on their person, and are loosely bound. The cult will provide a distraction for the party to escape but until then the must have bags over their heads and be treated as slaves. So they are as they enter Buldrek


The party are inspected, poked, and prodded by potential buyers. Then one of the guards reties their bonds finding them not satisfactory. The members are brought into an enclosure and tossed into some sort of pen. The guard doesn’t notice the dagger Leo has on his body but another prisoner does. When the guard leaves the prisoner decides he is going to carve himself a piece of the half-elf.

A grunt, gurgle, and warm splash later the company of would-be heroes finds themselves savedby a familiar face: Harren Fisk. The former compatriot had been taken prisoner securing escape for the Ironcast brothers. The used the butchered half orc prisoner as a ruse to get the guard to enter the cage, then murdered him to secure their freedom.

A brief fight took place in the streets with the party not willing to leave Harren again. Then Grodar’s cult began a rebellion that allowed the adventurers to locate their gear and breach the inner-city’s walls unaccosted while Harren secured escape for the other prisoners.


Facing a number of orcs and a hill giant the party defeats their foes and progresses to free the king of Trystan.

Treasure Gained: Masterwork Great Axe, Master Work Studded Leather Armor; 8 pp and 10 gp each.

They find Grodar waiting at the exit from the inner city walls. They gather their supplies and make haste where they meet up with the remainder of the cult as well as Harren and the handful of slaves he was able to free. The entire group travels a ways before making camp. During the trek Grodar speaks to each character individually and tells them of what they will retrieve and who exactly the cult is.

True Text incoming from Tyler…
The cult requires a crown that is said to have magical clairvoyant powers, a gift of the god Gruumsh. The cult believes that perhaps it will take a non-orc expedition to retrieve it as all orcs that have sent after the crown have never been seen again.

The group also learns more from Hulric Trystan about his plight. He imagines that the investigation into his actual demise may have been short changed by his own brother’s hunger for the crown. He is suspicious of the role his younger sibling may have played in the current state of affairs.

Nov 12 th, The Royal Wave

Hulric and Harren, along with the freed slaves take off on their journey back to the Western Kingdoms. The party still remains with the orc cult.

Nov 13 th – 27 th, Travels with Orcs: Part 2

The party catches up to the other group of orc cultists and Keled’s retainers. They continue on towards the island.

Nov 28 th, Bon Voyage

This is as far as the cultists go. Grodar offers small words of encouragement and even tells Woulf that his sister is alive. He says this not just as a meaningless platitude but as if he is privy to some secret, perhaps Gruumsh has told him this during their “talks”. The parting seems all too beneficial until the orc informs the group that Kyle, Glore, and Shayle shall be kept as collateral. This sends Keled into a rage that Leo is barely able to quell.

Rewards Summary Session 2

Treasure Gained: Masterwork Great Axe, Master Work Studded Leather Armor; Money: 8 pp, 29 gp, 4sp each

Rations Consumed: 1 days

* Experience Gained: 2070*



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