Tag: Bloodlands


  • Black Death Keep

    Black Death Keep is the high seat of [[baraktu | Baraktu Bloodfist]]. No citizen of the [[Western Kingdoms | Western Kingdoms]] has seen it, or at least never returned.

  • Bloodlands

    [[File:384134 | class=media-item-align-right | 212x358px | orc.jpg]]The eastern half of the continent of [[Main Page | Evermore]] is under the control of the OrcKing, [[:baraktu | Baraktu Bloodfist]]. These lands have come to be known as the Bloodlands. …

  • Buldrek

    [[File:390658 | class=media-item-align-center | buldrek.jpg]] A town located in-between [[Middleton | Middleton]] and [[Black Death Keep | Black Death Keep]]. Rumors from the former captive, [[justin-felwick | Justin Felwick]], suggest that [[:hulric- …

  • Grodar Grumm'Skik

    Grodar ambushed the adventurers with terms that they will retrieve a magical crown from an island off the eastern coast of the [[Bloodlands | Bloodlands]]. In return, his cult would help the party save [[:hulric-trystan | Hulric Trystan]]. This was not a …