Shayle Gladmore

Keled's Squire


Shayle Gladmore is the Half-Elf daughter of Lord Cley (Human) and Lady Delena (Elf). Not like the other daughters of Gladmore, she found little comfort in dances, dresses and all that comes with being a Noble woman. Shayle often would spar with Keled even as a young child, she was quick on her feet and learned fast. Her face is as beautiful as her sword is sharp. She begged her parents to become a Squire in hopes she would one day be Knighted. After months of begging she finally got her way and Keled was tasked in training Shayle as his squire. Keled often thought of her as his little sister and would do anything to protect her, he gives no breaks when training her and pushes her far beyond her limits. Her beauty often draws eyes to her, however Keled would likely cut a man in half who dared try to make a move on her.


Shayle Gladmore

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