One of Keled's retainers and trusted freind


Glore was the Gladmore family weapons trainer. He would often offer advice to Keled along his path to becoming a Knight. Keled looked up (or rather down) to Glore and Glore considered Keled to be a honorable man, despite his past. One night Keled stole a bottle of wine from the family and was caught with it in his room, he was quite drunk. Glore lied for Keled and insisted that he gave the wine to the boy. Glore was demoted to the kitchen as a cook. Keled never forgave himself and worked hard to be a better man. Glore insisted that Keled had actually done him a favor, he had found his true passion, the craft of cooking. Keled requested that Glore be his senior retainer and the family agreed.



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